Silent Ode

It’s getting harder up here to breathe.
Thick smoke is now smothering me.
Clouds of black fill my skies.
Tonight there are no tears to cry.
I dump the liquid in my mouth.
Poison that promises my way out.
The rope pulls tighter on my neck.
Threatening the remains of a harsh train  wreck.
The flames burn deep throughout my flesh.
The sting of pain keeps old memories fresh.
I toy with the blade that rests in my hand.
I only long to leave this land.
I try to think back to a time
When I had no reason to rhyme
Back before I met that thief.
Before he caused me such great grief.
My innocence is what he stole.
Now he is hunting down my soul.
I take the knife and start to carve.
My body is weak, for I have starved.
My will has nearly disappeared.
My heart was the target of his spear.
There are no windows here to break
But somewhere, I know waits my escape.
Hatred seeps slowly through my veins.
Until I cut and start the rains.
On and on I hear him shout.
Oh what happened to my way out?
If I had wings to fly away
Surely I could have escaped
That bitter day back in June,
The end of me, has come so soon.
He should have killed me for all’s sake.
I’ve had much more than I can take.
There is nothing more for me to say.
They never loved me anyway.
I’m still alive but I have gone insane
My silence is only screaming my pain.


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