Dancing the night away? Or…not so much…

April 13, 2013.

This Saturday was no routine Saturday for any of the upperclassmen at Fowler High School. Nope! This day was Prom!! Only I had to miss it.

Now, I am not complaining too much because my cousin got married Saturday. Weddings are beautiful. In fact, I might decide to become a wedding planner. (Who knows, maybe I’ll even score a happily-ever-after with Matthew McConaughey)

Anyway, my date to the wedding (if you read previous post “I just want to be the only girl you love all your life…” then you know who I am talking about) bailed! So here I am all fancied-up and I don’t even get to dance! Well, not with my date anyway. I did; however, dance with my cousin.

It took me more than two hours to get ready for this wedding. I wanted to feel beautiful because I knew that while I was at my cousin’s wedding, my classmates would be dancing the night away in their expensive, formal dresses.

Below is a picture of me right before we left for the wedding.


Again I was really upset about missing prom. When I was told I could take Jerrell to the wedding I was filled with joy. I would be able to spend the night with my boy at a wedding, one of the most beautiful experiences to witness, and still be able to dance with him. However, as I mentioned before, he ditched me.

This is me dancing with my cousin Jillian.


Well this night made me realize that I am ONLY 16, and while in 13 short days I will be 18, I am still a kid. I have been spending so much time chasing forever when all I need to do is embrace today.

So even though things between Jerrell and I aren’t turning out as I had hoped I am happy with my life, and where I stand right now.

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