Life is a Song Unending

My birthday is tomorrow! Just thought I would announce that even though it has nothing to do with the topic of this post. 

Let’s get down to business. (to defeat the HUNS)  

No, not to defeat the Huns. Back to reality. 


If you watched the cover of Where I  Stood by Missy Higgins that I posted–don’t even lie to me I know you didn’t. I do pay attention to my stats– then you would–okay I’m not even going to finish that sentence because well, none of you watched it. I bring this up because there is a talent show at school today. I sincerely regret not auditioning for it. However, I know that I would have choked anyway. 

I have learned over the past four months that singing is a gift, and can be lost. I like to think of it as similar to math: if you don’t practice then you lose the ability. I haven’t been practicing weekly like I did when I was in youth band. This has seriously put a damper on things. >.< 

I want to be heard. I want my music to touch people. I want those who are hurting to know that they aren’t alone in their suffering, and others have struggled with similar battles. Everyone has the responsibility of carrying their own cross; however, I want people to know that through my music I am walking with them every step of the way.  

The very reason I started writing in the sixth grade was because of the pain I had endured at a very young age. I started singing in the eighth grade when I realized that I could reach more people through music. I developed a burning passion for music, and some of the stuff that’s out there today saddens me. It seems as if pop culture music and took a dive off the deep end. A song with a good beat will be more popular than one with good lyrics. Music replenishes the soul on a level we are never conscious of. 

I will leave you with this last thought: Even if a song has a happy beat if the lyrics are degrading then it sends subliminal messages to your brain. These messages subconsciously make us aware that something isn’t right, and in the end, can make us feel worse.  


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