A Soul Divided

So sick-n-tired a people
Thinkin’ they get what I’m all about
Actin’ cool to my face
They turn around, run their mouths

They never witnessed the battle
All they see are the scars
They disregard all my effort,
Make no note of my gain,
And label me with words
That leave invisible scars

Now it’s my turn to speak.
The mic’s been given to me
I have a story to share
About who I used to be.

See you all think that you know me,
But I say you don’t.
No, you don’t have a clue,
Well listen close
You just might learn something new.

I’ve seen things you could never imagine,
Not even behind your closed eyes.
I’m a living dream, you see
Your childhood nightmares
Are my reality.

There’s a reason I don’t climb up the social ladder
that’s got you all out of breath.
I’ve been too busy fighting.
And the fact of the matter’s that this war rages on in my head.

I’ve faced demons
That’d make even the scariest of monsters
Tremble with fear.
Only to find that the real beast
Was staring me down in the mirror.

I fell so far down
The only place left was up.
I burned so many bridges;
cut all my ties,
But I held on to hope.
I learned to die,
Taught myself how to love.

So take a stroll with me.
Let me show you my city.
Brick by brick I’ve built it up.
And wall by wall they’ve torn it down,
But nothing’s stoppin’ me now
I will never back down.
I’ll raise a home from the ground.

So there ya have it
That’s my side of
A story that you knew nothing about.

By totalrampaige Posted in Poetry