Monster You Made Me

You stole from me

The one thing that mattered most

Took it and ran

Sick bastard.

You choked me out

So you could breathe.

Nothing but a cheap thrill I was.

Used and forgotten,

I’ll never be the same.


I will never be.

You took that from me

Without ever looking back.

I can still feel you crawling beneath my skin.

I suffer every night because of you.

Your voice taunts me

Your presence haunts me.

Your face, forever etched my memory

A disease with no cure you are

Killing me slowly behind closed eyes

I’m braindead it seems

Can’t open these eyes

Can’t stop these nightmares.

You gain control


You break me down from the inside out.

Flashbacks that never end,

engrave your wicked name onto my skin.

I’m cursed

I’m bruised.

I’ll never be more than

The monster you made me.

By totalrampaige Posted in Poetry