today, you do not realize / oggi, non ti rendi conto / astăzi, nu-ți dai seama

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


today something happened …

is a purely statistical matter …

to breathed the first time millions of babies

sex life began to millions of teenagers

received their first pension to million former employees

were dug fresh grave for million … former in alive

between these trivial issues, and miracles is happening

to a million is born a saint

one of million … ending sexual current after about 60 years of marriage

one in a million it enjoy by retirement longer time than by salary

one of a million by…  former alive is remembered three days after the funeral

between the teeming millions of anonymous that

they make wheat, they make bread, they make wine, make practicable road to the cemetery

and see the life as …just a story, like a number forecast, as a decoration

your soul will be as a the newest grave where you live with…

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